Does new york have good asian food?

New York is fast becoming one of the world's top cities for Asian food. There are plenty of delicious Asian restaurants to choose from, serving a variety of cuisine, from traditional to fusion. This is due to the multicultural population of the city. David Chang's restaurants are a kind of religion in New York City, and no restaurant can summarize the magic like the Momofuku Ssäm bar on Pier 17.In fact, their popularity has increased so much that they now have a second establishment at the new Time Out New York food market, in DUMBO.

Tamarind changed the perception of what a modern Indian restaurant in New York could entail when it opened its doors. Whether you want to light your tongue with chilies from a bird's eye view or prefer to enjoy a more refined dining experience, this list of the ten best Asian restaurants in New York City will have plenty to choose from. If you're tired of all the restaurants you normally go to, here are some exciting new Asian-owned places that opened in the last year or so. Ssäm Bar's excellent pork rolls and scrumptious fried duck put Chang on the map of New York City's elite chefs long ago, and the ambiance and umami-filled menu never disappoint.

Tim Ho Wan is “the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, and serves Hong Kong-style dim sum to the New York City fans they love. Whether you're looking for flavor, authenticity, or fusion cuisine with a distinctive New York City twist, you won't go wrong at any of the restaurants on this list. New York City has an eclectic mix of established decades-old family-owned restaurants, fast food and new start-ups in the center of the city. With two locations in Hell's Kitchen and the East Village, Tim Ho Wan is easily one of the best Asian restaurants in New York.

The pure and clean dishes that are prepared in accordance with tradition have earned this restaurant a three-star review in the New York Times and numerous awards on lists like these around the city. This 200-square-foot stand in the basement of Flushing is the original location of this renowned mini-chain and was one of the first restaurants in New York to serve food from the Xi'an region of China. The flamboyant decor and the delicious bò bún (the French word for Vietnamese rice noodles) make this French-inspired Vietnamese canteen one of the best Asian restaurants in SoHo. This is partly due to the city's cosmopolitan and increasingly diversified population, and also to Instagram, which has highlighted so many of New York's best Asian restaurants and has contributed to a sharp increase in the popularity of what were once little known places.