What are the best malaysian restaurants in new york city?

Malaysian restaurants in New York City; 1.In the Urban Hawker dining room in Midtown, Padi D'NYC is the New York headquarters of a popular Malaysian restaurant in Singapore. Daisy's Dream is an Urban Hawker seller that specializes in Peranakan cuisine. They have the best bowl of laksa in Midtown. The Kuih Cafe is open Friday through Sunday on the Lower East Side, and we encourage you to stop by for kuih or a slice of durian cheesecake.

Nyonya is known as one of the few authentic Malaysian restaurants in New York City, and it's excellent. Little House Cafe is a small bakery in Elmhurst that also has an extensive menu with very good Malaysian food. Parlay is a coffee shop in Sunset Park that offers beer, wine and a full menu of things like a fried chicken sandwich and a really good curry. Previously, I had gone on a trip to the Indonesian OK Indo winery in Elmhurst to buy them, so finding them here, at the last Malaysian restaurant in New York City, was an ecstatic surprise.

Close your eyes and take a sip, and you might feel like you're wandering around a market square in Kuala Lumpur or New York's Chinatown from a couple of decades ago.