What are the best uyghur restaurants in new york city?

Samsa is a puffed dough filled with minced onion and beef or lamb, and it's our favorite food on the Caravan Uyghur Cuisine menu at FiDi. Specifically, lamb samsa, which is the size of a baseball and is filled abundantly with sautéed onions and ground lamb meat. The other highlight here is the meatball soup, which although it is light in color, is well seasoned with various spices and aromas such as cumin and dill, which highlights the flavor of meat meatballs. And if you like cumin as much as we do, you'll love their laghman noodles.

Topped with sesame seeds and sautéed with scallion stalks, sliced onions and tomato, this cumin-rich dish is delicious and always leaves a little tingling sensation in the mouth every time we eat it. You can't come to Lagman House and not try the classic hand-drawn Lamian noodles. They're mixed with tomato sauce and sautéed vegetables before being topped with fried meat and onions, and they're as delicious as they look. The lamb manti stuffed with chives, veal and dill from this Sheepshead Bay restaurant is also a good choice as an appetizer, or you can eat it just as a meal, given how huge it is.

If you're looking for more than just rice and noodles, try sautéed meat, which comes in a sizzling platter with sliced bell peppers and may appear in your dreams once you've tried it.