Where can i find good chinese food in new york city?

Chinese restaurants in New York City · 1.Cantonese food has made a comeback lately and Green Garden Village is a good example. A lush display of ducks and other sausages hangs in the window, as well as an impressive selection of seafood, although the most popular dishes such as wonton soup (in deconstructed form) and fun beef food have their own characteristics. It's also a good place to eat dim sum, especially noodle rolls with rice. Since old guard Cantonese coffee shops, such as Hop Shing, have closed, where can you go to buy the baked and steamed bath, steamed meatballs, and rice noodle rolls, which are one of Chinatown's greatest treasures? Golden Steamer is a cramped stall that looks like a spa steam room, except that the shelves and cabinets are full of farinaceous goodies, with fillings that range from savory to sweet, so it's also a great place to have desserts.

After a visit to any of the restaurants on this list, eat dessert at this small ice cream shop that is one of the best and oldest in New York. Founded as a tea room and bakery almost a century ago, but revived not long ago by Wilson Tang, Nom Wah is still one of the star dishes in the New York dim sum world. While there are many neighborhoods in New York City with excellent Chinese food, Manhattan's Chinatown is still a leading destination for its varied and tasty cuisine. This new and extensive restaurant is part of a chain of four establishments in New York and New Jersey, which offers a panchino menu from the four corners of the country.